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Navigating Government Relations in Montana


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Government Relations
& Public Affairs

With over 25 years of experience at the federal, state, city, and county levels, we understand the rules of engagement and how to strategically navigate government systems to shape public policy.

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Years of Government Relations and Public Affairs Experience

Our Success

We are proud to have worked with these clients and more, either through advocacy at the state house, leadership training, or facilitation.

Lobbying & Representation

corporate representation

Corporate Representation

Providing advocacy and strategic advice to corporations to navigate complex political and regulatory environments.

legislative representation

Legislative Representation

Offering specialized representation to influence and engage with legislative bodies for favorable outcomes.

state federal advocacy

State/Federal Advocacy

Advocating on behalf of clients at state and federal levels to shape public policy and decision-making.

state local lobbying

State/Local Lobbying

Engaging with state and local government officials to influence policy decisions and regulations.

direct lobbying

Direct Lobbying

Actively engaging with lawmakers and officials to directly influence legislation and policy.

issue advocacy

Issue Advocacy

Promoting and advocating for specific issues to shape public opinion and policy decisions.

grass tops campaigns

Grass tops Campaigns

Mobilizing influential individuals and leaders at the community level to advocate for specific causes or policies.

grassroots campaigns

Grassroots Campaigns

Engaging the general public in advocacy efforts to generate widespread support for a cause or policy.

About Jen Hensley


As a government relations leader with over 25 years of experience, I believe that regulatory and legislative affairs shape nearly every aspect of our society. I’m a veteran of numerous political and issue campaigns who has leveraged my diverse network to identify strategic opportunities, forecast policy shifts, and unify unconventional allies.

Conflict is my comfort zone.

There’s no one I won’t talk to, and there’s no one I won’t invite to the table. The first person I ask about legislation is the smartest person who disagrees with me. I seek out dialogue to identify what has been missing from my understanding. That’s how we create real change.

My strength lies in understanding the rules of engagement and strategically navigating government systems to help shape public policy. The fourth generation of wheat farmers raised in Broadwater County, Montana, I hold a deep understanding and appreciation for hard work, innovation, and tradition.

Jen Hensley Business

It’s impossible to wring your hands and roll up your sleeves at the same time.

Policy Development & Strategy

trend policy forecasting

Trend/Policy Forecasting

Analyzing political and policy trends to predict future changes and prepare strategic responses.

public policy

Public Policy

Developing and advising on policies that serve the public interest, often by collaborating with governmental bodies.

regulatory affairs

Regulatory Affairs

Navigating and influencing regulatory processes to align with client interests and compliance requirements.

policy strategy

Policy Strategy

Developing comprehensive strategies to advance specific policy objectives in a political or regulatory landscape.

legislative and political strategies

Legislative and Political Strategies

Crafting strategic plans to achieve specific legislative and political objectives.

bill tracking

Bill Tracking

Monitoring and analyzing legislative bills to understand their progress and potential impact.

Legislative Engagement and Monitoring

legislative briefing events

Legislative Briefing Events

Organizing events to inform and persuade legislators about specific issues or policies.

legislative receptions

Legislative Receptions

Hosting gatherings to facilitate networking and influence-building with lawmakers and stakeholders.

issue monitoring

Issue Monitoring

Keeping a vigilant eye on legislative and regulatory developments related to specific issues.

Let’s Work Together

I’m happy to talk through obstacles and possibilities. Let’s find solutions together.


Quotes from Satisfied Clients

Here are a few direct quotes from clients I’ve worked with recently.


"I was honored to have Jen Hensley facilitate leadership training for my senior team at our executive retreat. Her expertise and engaging approach significantly impacted our team dynamics and the ultimate understanding and adoption of the materials. The session was thoughtfully structured, and Jen created a positive and collaborative learning environment encouraging open communication and fostering a sense of trust. I highly recommend Jen Hensley as an invaluable resource to any organization looking to take their team’s effectiveness to the next level."

Toby O'Rourke | President & CEO | Kampgrounds of America

"Jen is truly gifted at making complex issues understandable. Her approachable style and relatability makes everyone in a room feel connected and heard. I trust Jen with everything from ensuring every event detail is flawless to leading heavy conversations on pressing issues. There is nothing she can’t do."

Chantel Schieffer, Owner | True North Leadership

"Over the past 8 years, we have been fortunate to work with Jen on a legislative level as the lobbyist for the Montana Distillers Guild - and as friends. Jen is extremely thorough, knowledgeable, and a decisive decision maker. Hard working, professional, and straight to the point - she gets the job done, and I'm happy to call on her knowing I'll get sound advice."

Jim and Mary Pat Harris | Bozeman Spirits Distillery

"Hensley & Associates are phenomenal to work with. Jen and her team are extremely professional and effective in getting the job done. Their expertise in maneuvering all facets of the legislature is unparalleled."

Melissa Umansky, Co-Owner/Co-Founder | Fidelity Diagnostics Laboratory

"Jen Hensley is an outstanding professional. You can count on her to bring intelligence, honesty and conscientiousness to any conversation. She is funny, tenacious, thoughtful and strategic. Any project is made better (and more enjoyable to work on) by Jen's input and involvement."

Eric Halverson, Director of Communications | Partnership Health Center